Foundation’s goals:

  1. Initiating and supporting actions towards improvement of social functioning of children, youth, and adults
  2. Actions towards pensionaries – Elderly empowerment
  3. Oncological coaching – supporting cancer prevention and help towards suffering individuals and families
  4. Preservation and promotion of health, including healthy diets
  5. Promotion of actions towards continuous adult education, including promotion of learning throughout one’s entire life
  6. Promotion of art, literature, music and art-therapy
  7. Developing social awareness and building development activity in children and youth
  8. Extracurricular education
  9. Social activation of people who remain unemployed, or are in danger of being laid off
  10. Inspiring and supporting individuals in search of their own development
  11. Spreading of volunteer work and non-profit ideas
  12. Promotion and support of non-government organizations, and local society initiatives
  13. Counteracting the social exclusion
  14. Supporting development of science, technology, ingenuity, and innovation
  15. Equalizing opportunities for discriminated groups, and individuals
  16. Supporting activeness of handicapped individuals
  17. Social help, including families, and individuals in difficult life situations, and equalizing opportunities for such individuals
  18. Help towards victims of natural disasters
  19. Promotion of using cultural assets, and national heritage
  20. Developing tolerance, and intercultural community
  21. Protection of liberty, human rights, citizen rights, and actions towards development of democracy
  22. Charity actions

The Foundation fulfils its goals through actions listed below:

  1. Organizing: trainings, workshops, therapeutic classes, lectures, meetings, conferences, fairs, and events
  2. Professional advising
  3. Preventive actions
  4. Promotion, and organizing art-therapy
  5. Promotion, and organizing of alternative leisure activities
  6. Promotion and organizing voluntary work
  7. Cooperation with non-government organizations, public, and private entities
  8. Supporting social initiatives
  9. Conducting informative, scientific, educational, and research projects
  10. Securing, managing, and distributing external funds
  11. Acting as a publisher
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