About us

About us

Foundation “Nigdy nie jest za późno “ (Never too late) is a young non-profit organisation.

It is a venture by people supporting actions improving comfort and quality of personal life of individuals of different ages. We believe that in life it is never too late for three things:

By our actions we want to educate and bind together youth, adults and seniors.

Together create the environment we live in.

We offer alternative and interesting ways of spending leisure time. Art-therapeutic sessions which will unleash your hidden talents and fulfil your deepest dreams. Painting, dancing, music and theatre will allow you to learn more about yourself and relieve you from everyday stress. Give yourself a chance and express your needs, because it’s never too late to discover your passions, real purpose and dreams to fulfil. We want to support people aged 40+, 50+, 60+ who for the sake of family, loved ones, or company had to resign from their own needs. I believe that we have much to offer to ourselves and the world. The best still lies ahead!

Together we can do anything! :)

Maja Stępień
Founder and CEO of foundation “Nigdy nie jest za późno”.


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